Sottie Bomukama

Loughborough University

Water and Waste Engineering

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United Kingdom

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Sottie Bomukama

Sottie Bomukama has played a major part in enhancing water supply, sanitation, and hygiene in Uganda.  

Sottie has worked in Uganda's water sector for 35 years.  His passion for public health and commitment to improving Uganda's water supplies have been rewarded with swift promotion through the ranks of Executive Engineer, Senior Executive Engineer, Assistant Commissioner and Commissioner.

For more than two decades, his strategic input and policy guidance has helped to reform the sector.  In recent years, new approaches to planning and management have led to vast improvements in water resources management, rural and urban water supplies, as well as water stocks for manufacture and production.

Sottie has made a significant contribution to this success.  A member of the Board of Directors for the National Water and Sewerage Corporation of Uganda since 2004, Permanent Secretary (2006-2007) and Director of Water Development for Uganda since 2004, he has played a major part in enhancing water supply, sanitation, and hygiene whilst meeting increased demand for services in a climate of government budget cuts.

Today, Uganda's Directorate of Water Development is recognised as one of the most progressive and dynamic sector departments in the region.  Since 1989, safe water coverage in Uganda has increaased from 19% to 66%, providing services to a further 17.7 million people - a remarkable achievement recognised throughout the region.

Sottie was awarded an MSc in Water and Waste Engineering by Loughborough University in 1983.