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ISNUK has created this Hall of Fame to honour all those international student alumni of UK higher education institutions who have achieved noteworthy positions, who have contributed to society or who have earned distinguished awards through their accomplishments during and/or after their studies.

The ISNUK Hall of Fame is a celebration of excellence among international student alumni of UK higher education institutions. It is the only such Hall of Fame of its kind anywhere in the world. With the ever increasing number of students studying abroad in the UK, it is time to honour those among them that excel and by excelling also promote British education.

Although there are no official figures available for the number of international alumni of UK higher education institutions, it can be estimated that this figure is in the region of 8-10 million. During the 2014 / 2015 academic year, there were approximately 450,000 non UK students studying at UK higher and further education institutions in the UK and on UK programmes abroad, contributing over £12 billion to the UK economy.



Globally, the flow of international students has increased significantly in the last decade and a half. According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) data, there were at least 3.6 million students in 2010 enrolled in tertiary education abroad, up from 2 million in 2000. Today, it can be estimated that this figure is close to 5 million. If you would like to know where students go to study and where they come from, see the UIS digitial interactive map below that shows the incoming and outgoing of students in one particular country and compared with other ones. It allows, in a very visual and interactive way, to contrast data down to the very numbers.


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